Monday, March 5, 2012

Quick Update on my Obtainable Goals

 I plan on writing a more in-depth post tomorrow. I have a lot on my mind and I do want to share, but for right now, I want to update you on my goals, for it has been two months and I feel I am still holding on strong.

-Trust in God and myself more: I have been reading scripture and praying a lot and have been talking about it with friends. This has definitely helped a lot. It is hard to explain how this is working in my life because it just is.
-Let go and let God: This part is pretty amazing. Even though I have not given up much control, I have put faith in the fact that God has my back and will not let anything happen to me that I cannot handle.
-Be more patient when it comes to matters of the heart: I have to be honest, I am still struggling with this a lot. Rome was not built in a day...right?!
 -Become more confident when I speak: I have pronounced A LOT of words wrong and I just go with the flow because they sound real if I do not stop and correct myself.
-Stop apologizing for unnecessary reasons: I still apologize profusely, however, I have caught myself in the act quite a few times and I feel as though I have cut down on the apologies.
-Become more organized (even if it is organized chaos, it has to be better than what I am living in right now!): My mom did come and visit and help me pack up a lot of my room, so I feel as though, for right now, I am more organized...although, I cannot find my TV remote control...hmmmm
-Take smaller steps with bigger issues: Not going to lie, this is not going so well.
-Stop biting my nails: I can truthfully say that I have only bitten ONE nail since the new years. I am doing pretttttty well with this one!
-Run 3 miles by March: Unfortunately, my knees are not fairing well with running. I thought this might be a problem and I am still not giving up, it just might not be by March...which is something that I have come to terms with and am a.o.k. with.
-135: 148
-Apply and get into GV for their MPA program: This one might take until next year. I have to take some pre-graduate courses. I am re-enrolled in Grand Valley and can sign up for classes March 20th, so that is a step forward!
-Write more: My blog is written proof! (pun intended)
-Read more (I am open to suggestions, please!!): I am not reading as much as I want to, yet, I am reading more than I have been.
-Finish art projects and VERY belated presents: Small stepping stones and they are on their way to being finished.
-Get my right and left splits back: So.Freaking.Close.
-FINALLY get my middle splits: A little bit further away than I would like to be.
-Finish FAFSA: I did finish FAFSA. However, since I am a non-degree-seeking grad student, I do not qualify for financial aid through the institution until I am a degree seeking student. So, I am now opening up a fund for Alaina's Going Back to School, please send money, scholarship! You will not be disappointed if you donate!

more tomorrow, you know I am never in one spot for long.

AC out.

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