Monday, April 23, 2012

Everything is coming up roses (and full circle)

OK, so it has been a while. I am dreadfully sorry for that, however, my life kind of changed drastically in the past three weeks.  I wish I could have had one of those self narrators who would  translate my thoughts into blog form, I guess you will have to settle for the abridged version instead (lucky you!).

The move back to Michigan was almost effortless, except for the part where we had to move all of my stuff into a pod and then try to fit the rest into my car (and the small fight with UHaul because they did not have their crap in order). Yet, at this point, let us just say that Blue Lake has taught me how to pack up a car for an entire summer, so I was able to fit just about everything into my car, minus a few futile things.

*side note*
My NC friends threw me an AMAZING goodbye party. It was one of the most thoughtful things that has ever been done for me! It was a whole party of gluten freeness! Down to a whole fridge full of gluten free beer! I was just floored. Not to mention the post-its that were hanging from the ceiling with kind and very thoughtful words about me. We had a lot of fun and it was truly a force not to be reckon with! :)
*end side note*

This time, the drive home was calm. I can drive about eight or nine hours before I need a legitimate break. Lucky for me, I have a friend who lives in Dayton, OH, which was exactly eight point five hours away! :) The drive was so calming. I did not hit any traffic or run into any kind of problems, not to mention I was making INCREDIBLE time. When my eight hours were up, I stopped and had dinner with Charis and needless to say, it was exactly what I hoped it would be. It is so nice to have friends where, when you have not seen them in a while, it does not really matter. You pick up right where you last left off and it feels like you hang out with them on a daily basis.  We found a little pizza place that had gluten free pizza and settled down to chat for a while. It was a nice break AND she got to meet my gremlins! :)

From there I only had three point five hours until my parents house. I got home with time in the evening to spare to actually spend time with my mom and little brother (who is not so little anymore) before I had to drive them to the airport for their Florida vacation! I stayed to help with the dogs and let my gremlins settle into their temporary new home.  Then my other brother came home (he lives in West Virginia) to take care of the dogs the rest of the time AND to be here when my dad got home from Japan!!! Jimmy and I shared a meal together for the first time (just the two of us), in what seems like, ever! He grilled some hot dogs and chicken and we had a feast!! It was incredible!

Next up was Grand Rapids. I was finally home. I came back to familiarity, one that easily filled me with the most joy I had encountered in a long time. Do not get me wrong, I LOVED North Carolina and I was good there, I was happy, just not as happy as I was to be home.  I immediately fell right back into the swing of things. I walked into the Gardens for the first time in two years and it had felt like I had never left. There were so many familiar faces! It was an incredible feeling and a bit of an ego boost to realize that so many people missed me and was glad I was home, not to mention, remembered me!

My first night of work, the only thing I could not remember is what side the spoon went, when placed next to the knife (it is on the outside btdubs). Other than that, I fell right back into place. A lot of the servers have changed, but it is still the same game! We work as a team and help each other out! It is great to be back in a place where I am confident in what I am doing.

When you have made up your mind to do something and that something has not actually happened yet, you can somewhat be uncertain if you are making the right choices or not. My whole journey, of moving back to Michigan, was never in question for me. I knew I was making the right decision, I just never realized HOW right this was going to be. I feel so alive and free. I finally feel committed to a place.

Since I have moved back, on top of having a place to live, a job to come back to and friends and family who love and support me, I have received an internship with Avenue for the Arts, a non-profit art organization that holds events and reaches out to the community! I have also made Grace Face Designs legitimate! I am in the process of owning my own business!! Grace Face Designs, LLC!! The paper work got in on Friday, so I just have to head over to the bank and make it all legal!

Everything is just coming up roses! So those are the big events to report. I have about a million and one topics that I am ready to cover in blog posts! Now it is time to hop back on the bandwagon and get to it! :) Are you ready for it?!

I am in an ever changing life, so stay tuned! You know I am never in one spot for long!

AC out!